How to share knowledge at Code Retreat

Code Retreat 2019

Krystian Adamski, my teammate, sparked the idea and eventually organized on Friday a Code Retreat event in Allegro. He and Karol Teske did an excellent job in Poznań. I’m sure that my colleagues from Warsaw have similar opinion of Maciej Szarliński, Bartosz Balukiewicz and Kamil Halicki, who organized the event there.

It was a blast! I appreciate the atmosphere and shared knowledge. The most developing thing were the retrospectives after each of the sessions. We learned from our mistakes, but also successes. I think that the most important lesson is that the strength is in the variety. Sharing and combining our ideas are the best way to develop software.

If you want to organize this event by yourself, check out this booklet. The organizers printed it out and distributed it to all attendees. The booklets were very helpful!

This years event was only for Allegro employees, but I hope next time we will have an opportunity to collaborate with the community.

Bookmarks drop

I want to start new part of my weekly learning journal. In this section, I am going to list all of my bookmarks that I collected during a week. This is the first time, so I will drop all of my current bookmarks.

Books drop

This section will have books that I was recommended to read or found during a week. While I’m writing this article, I haven’t read them yet.

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