Clean architecture with Victor Rentea, working with legacy code and sentiment analysis

Victor Rentea at Devoxx Belgium

If you read article from the previous week, you might think that I’m Victor Rentea’s fanboy. And you goddamn right! This time Victor had a talk about clean code and refactoring. The best part of his talk was the live-coding session. Victor made an architecture kata and it felt like a big mob programming. Must watch! However, I must warn you. It is over 2 hours. Make yourself a favorite beverage and enjoy!

If you still have not enough of his talks, Victor Rentea made two more talks at Devoxx Belgium 2019. The first one is about clean architecture.

The second one is about unit testing.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

I started reading Working Effectively with Legacy Code written by Martin Fowler. I like its structure. Each chapter in the book is a question that developer working with legacy code might ask. Martin Fowler answered each question providing an example. The author did a good job by creating examples that can be easily transferred to a real business code. You should definitely buy this book and have it at your desk. When in doubt, just grab it and find a chapter about the problem you are facing at the moment.

Sentiment Analysis

This Thursday and Friday I spent at hackathon focused on machine learning. The main topic of this event was the sentiment analysis.

Our challenge was to make best prediction of product rating from customer’s opinion about it. Normally, I’m a backend developer, and I don’t do machine learning. Events like this organized by my colleagues from Allegro are great opportunity to learn something new. Big thanks to Adam Dudczak, Tomasz Bartczak and Ireneusz Gawlik for organization of this event.

If you interested in learning more, about sentiment analysis checkout those sites:

And some tools for natural language processing:

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