Spring I/O 2019

The future of Spring Framework is reactive and it is at your fingertips.

The opening keynote

The Spring I/O conference took place in Barcelona at 16-17 May 2019. Big names of Spring Framework like Ben Hale and Jürgen Höller presented what is up with Spring in 2019.

The most frequent topics

The recurring topic of last years is reactive programming. Ben Hale and Jürgen Höller proved that they are aware of poor data access and networking tooling. Today’s libraries are not reactive, and that is a burden to solve.

They came with the solution:

Time will show how whole community will accept these solutions. Until then, you can get yourself up speed with them and be ready. In next few weeks at the Spring I/O channel you will be able to see their presentation yourself.

What else?

You should also check out presentations of Josh Long. It’s always a treat to see him in action and this time he had four presentations.

Sébastien Deleuze had an interesting talk about Kotlin coroutines in reactive programming. He also advertised a fresh project named Kofu. It’s a functional approach to configuration of Spring Boot applications.

Maciej Walkowiak did a good job summarizing state of Java Relational Persistence in 2019.

Oleg Šelajev presented ways to involve GraalVM in you day-to-day work. He also presented a suite of interesting benchmarks.

And of course you should check out other presentations and find inspiration to grow.

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